Evolved Fastpitch

About Us

To play the game of fastpitch softball, LOVE must be at the core to play it to the best of your ability. Love for the game, love for the process and effort, love & respect for your teammates & coaches, but most importantly, love for yourself as an athlete & young woman allows you to truly go after this sport with your whole heart. 

The fear of success/failure can sabotage even the greatest of aspirations, and it can begin at the young age when the vulnerability of trying out a sport for fun can morph itself after a little struggle to become a chore, a fear, and ultimately something you fall out of love with.

It is Evolved Fastpitch’s mission to help these young women never get in their own way as they develop love for this game. It takes an incredible amount of courage to go for this sport completely and with your whole heart. It takes constant perspective and effort to cultivate this love, and there is nothing sadder than letting a bad experience, rough coach, or tough failure confuse itself with burnout and lack of love for the game.

Our passion and LOVE for softball and these young women lends a hand to our athletes and parents. We are mechanics-focused and very hands on, but at our core, we focus on the mental game in a way that helps cultivate and build the athlete’s true love for this game.