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What People Are Saying about Evolved Fastpitch


Astonished and amazed

Christina's knowledge of mechanics and technique along with her eye for identifying and adjusting the smallest of details to ensure her players are performing at their highest standard truly set her apart in her expertise.

Where I have been astonished and amazed is the extra effort and time she puts into her players on and off the field. She forms a bond with them and gets to know what motivates them and what really drives them. She has an uncanny ability to recognize their strengthens and weaknesses not only with mechanics and technique, but with the mental part of the game. She helps them develop an identity and an inner strength to compete.

This is a gift, that is rarely seen in a coach.

Aaron Giron

Assistant Coach - Colorado Rockettes 18u

Thornton, CO


Will stick with you for life
I haven’t been a kid who has walked into the doors of evolved fast pitch for years, but the impact it has made on me is something that will last forever. I was able to find a coach who pushed me to become the best player I could be. Looking at my swing and knowing there’s something else we can do to make it better, something else we can work on. Not only did I find a coach who truly pushed me to become the best player I could be for the sport I love but, also was someone who helped me in life. Help mold me into the person I am very proud to say I have become today. It’s a place filled with people that will stick with you for life.

Abigail Rieder


I can't say enough

I can't say enough about Christina Gardner! She is truly gifted and has been my daughter's hitting and pitching coach since 2013. She is incredibly talented and deeply invested in all her student's success. Always 100% dedicated to turning young players in to smart, strong, hardworking champions. But she is more than a coach - Christina has been a special role model and mentor to Cassidy, and has shown her how to excel both mentally and physically at softball.

Love, love, love Christina and Evolved Fastpitch!

Angela Chvatal

Broomfield, CO


Teaching, determination, and support
Christina is amazing! Christina makes hitting lessons so much more than simply going through the motions- she creates an environment filled with teaching, determination, and support. Her technical skills as a coach are phenomenal! What really sets Christina apart is how she goes above and beyond to truly get to know her students as people and what drives them.

Ashton Osswald



one of the best pitching coaches ever
I honestly believe that Katie is one of the best pitching coaches ever. When I started to go to her she helped me out and I have definitely become a better pitcher because of her coaching. One thing that I really like about Katie‘s coaching is how she explains everything that I could be doing wrong and how to make it better. Now I can notice if I make a mistake and how to fix it because of her coaching. Also she is so nice and so kind and she always wants us to succeed. I am very thankful that I started to go to Katie.

Avery Andrews


An amazing role model
My daughter has been taking hitting lessons from Christina for the last 5 years - beginning when she was 13. Not only has Christina helped her become a very strong hitter, equally as important she has coached her through the ups and downs girls experience in middle school and high school - both in sports and in life. My daughter never wants to miss a lesson with Christina and my husband and I are eternally grateful to Christina for being an amazing role model for our daughter. Christina has a perfect combination of empathy, compassion, and tough love and truly cares about all the girls she coaches.

Barb Stevens



She's not just another girl
Christina and the staff at Evolved have really helped my daughter mature and develop her pitching and hitting. We've been with Evolved for 2 years now. I've seen my daughter grow from their coaching and leadership. Furthermore, they know my daughter, she's not just another girl. They see who she is as a person and how to challenge and care for her, physically, mentally and on a human level.

Brett Humphreys



Instant bond from day one!
I have been taking my daughter to Christina at Evolved Fastpitch for 4 years and have been so impressed with the growth that she has made. My daughter and her had an instant bond from day one! Christina is a very patient teacher who always gives my daughter different drills for practice to help keep it interesting while enhancing her growth. Christina did a great job of focusing on my daughter's strength......her location......not just her speed. I have come to appreciate just how important that can be. My daughter and I love Christina and all that she gives to these girls. She is very passionate about this sport. She does a good job of challenging her students and with being inquisitive about her students thoughts/and opinions. I have so many great things to say about Christina. We love her very much and are grateful to have crossed paths with this amazing coach!

Brooke Glaza



Sets the bar
As someone who has coached in the high school and club scene for 7 years i can't say enough about Christina at Evolved. You should do your homework when hiring a private instructor and there is one thing Christina does that sets her apart. I see it with all the girls she has coached. Its the relationship she builds with her students that sets the bar. She is emotionally invested in each kid and it shows in how they speak about her and vice versa. Communication is key and I've seen so many girls blossom and grow under her wing. Your daughter will want to go see her, they will want to work outside of practice more because they will truly feel important and more self aware of themselves because of the confidence they gain in her mentoring. You not only gain a coach but a friend of your daughters for life.

Chad Burgess


Set the tone... day one
My daughter started coming over a year ago to Evolve Fastpitch for pitching and hitting. We love Christina, she set the tone and expectations for my daughter day one, and it shifted her mindset from that point on. The seriousness of making every practice count and the expectation of doing the homework has allowed her to come from being told she would not pitch on her team to being one of the starters!

Charlene Alfaro


More confident and successful
My daughter Ayanah Williams started going to Christina with Evolved fastpitch due to her long time coach Richard retiring. Christina took what Ayanah had been working on and didn't skip a beat. Ayanah had a connection with her right away and was very comfortable with Christina. Christina has made Ayanah a more confident and successful pitcher by working on the pitching techniques as well as the mental side of being a pitcher

Chinthika Wickramaratbe



My team’s winter work outs
I have used the facility at Evolved Fastpitch for 8 to 10 years for my team’s winter work outs. The Facility is always clean, well equipped and professionally run. I have always had great repour Christina, she has always worked with me early in the year to make sure I have a time that works for our team. The equipment in the facility is well maintained and ready for use. I have had numerous girls including my own daughters, take advantage of the professional individual coaches at Evolved Fastpitch whether it be for pitching, catching or hitting.

Coach Scott

Colorado Cardinals

Arvada, CO


Kindest, most supportive coaches
Christina is such an amazing coach and friend to all. She is so easy to work with and inspiring to the young athletes that she teaches. Before evolved fastpitch bought the cages they are in now, my daughters and I had gone there for years. Once evolved took over, Christina always made a point to get us into the cages and make time for us, even if we were not working with her specifically. I have coached competitive softball for over 15 years, and Christina is one of the kindest, most supportive coaches I have came across. She is so accommodating and would make sure we could get into those cages at 11pm if that was the only time that worked for us. She has always been so supportive of not only my own daughter, but all of the athletes I have seen in there. My family, athletes, and I are so grateful for everything Christina and Evolved have done for us!

Darrin Mauser

Head Coach (retired) - Colorado Cardinals



Shown me many ways

Over the years that my pitchers have been going and learning from Christina I’ve seen major improvement in speed, location, and endurance in our pitchers. As their primary catcher this has also helped me with my game. Christina has shown me many ways of detecting when my pitchers need a time out or a quick smile to get them back into their groove. 

Destiny Hackney

Catcher - Colorado Rockettes 18u

Thornton, CO


One of the best
My daughter Marae started with Christina a year ago and has jumped in velocity 6MPH in that time frame and is now throwing 60 with more room to grow. Christina’s knowledge of mechanics and workouts has truly helped my daughter achieve a higher level of success. These attributes along with Christina’s knowledge of the mental side of the game and how she can articulate and help girls understand changes they need to make, is what makes her one of the best.

Don Carpenter


Balance of growth and fun
My daughter, now 11, has been taking pitching lessons at Evolved Fastpitch for 3 years and continues to love it! Her instructor Perri was the perfect fit to allow for the right balance of growth and fun, a much needed skill to keep an 8 year old engaged. As the owner, Christina ensures we are on the right track and she loves what she does! I highly recommend Evolved Fastpitch for your blooming softball player.

Gina Steadman



Mentoring and developing
Working with Christina Gardner and the coaches at Evolved Fastpitch has been a significant part of our success as a high level comp team. Their ability to develop every player's physical attributes is only exceeded by the time they dedicate to mentoring and developing the mental approach to the game. As a Head Coach, I am in constant contact with Christina as we collaborate in the growth of every individual athlete. It's a partnership that has been very impactful to our players.

Heath Robberson

Head Coach - Colorado Bombers 14A


She motivates and inspires
I love Christina's positive energy and focus she brings to each pitching lesson. She motivates and inspires my daughter to perform her best in developing her pitching skills, and is genuinely interested in my daughter's success. Thank you, Christina!

Janny Arbaugh



Like a weight had been lifted
My daughter has worked with Coach Christina over the past 2 years. Christina has the smarts, drive, education and experience when it comes to the game of Softball. I believe Christina was meant to be a coach. She is observant, reads people extremely well, and her sincerity in wanting to serve others is “The Real Deal”. I really appreciate Coach Christina’s support and guidance towards my daughter’s future and would highly recommend working with her. She was not only a coach to my daughter but also a friend. Thank you Coach Christina from the bottom of my heart. Your actions and words of wisdom have carried my baby girl threw many difficult times. Every time my daughter finished a session with Coach Christina she said it felt like a weight had been lifted form her mind and heart. Christina is the un-biased voice of guidance who will lead our daughter’s to short-term solutions, with Long-term gains!!!! Love you Coach Christina!!!!

Jennie Salazar



To striking varsity players out
My name is Jennifer Alarid and I have a 15 year old daughter named Miracle. Miracle started playing softball in 7th grade and off the bat wanted to be a pitcher her 1st season. She started watching YouTube videos and trying to be self-taught. During her 2 seasons of softball in middle school she had some great coaches but no one knew the fundamentals of pitching and what she could do to become a better pitcher. Miracles freshman year she tried out for pitching and made the JV team. During this season she was very inconsistent and did not know any pitches besides the fast ball down the middle, she threw more balls then she did strikes. During the last game of the season we were given information to contact Evolved Fastpitch so we could enroll Miracle into pitching lessons. Miracle was paired with Coach Perri at Evolved and has been working with her for a little over a year. Coach Perri’s lessons are a one on one way for Miracle to learn new things and talk through things she needs help with. I can’t believe the huge improvement Coach Perri has done with Miracles pitching. It's so incredible! She was the starting varsity pitcher for her high school this year. This year I received huge compliments on the growth Miracle has had in the last year from throwing pitches to the back stop to striking varsity players out. The varsity coach couldn't believe the difference from this year to last year. I am excited to see the growth she will make in the next 2 years. Thank you for all your hard work with Miracle and helping her become a great pitcher her team can count on. I highly recommend you and your pitching/softball coaching lessons to any one because you are incredible.

Jennifer Alarid



She listens and guides
Christina has been our daughter's hitting coach for the past 4 years. She began seeing her as a freshman in high school. With Christina, Rylee found her accuracy, increased her body awareness and found her power as a hitter (both mentally and physically)! Christina spoke into Rylee that she was more than capable and ready for any challenge ahead as a competitive softball player. Christina is such a gift in that she listens and guides. She is so much more than just a hitting coach- she is Rylee's mentor and friend. Rylee left high school captain, MVP and 18th in the state for home runs for 5A high schools. She was also the offensive MVP of her competitive team two years in a row. She hit 23 home runs the summer before she left to play D2 softball at CMU. Christina was instrumental in her journey and remains a mentor and friend of Rylee's. We respect her as a coach and love her as a person.

Jennifer Crouch

Thornton, CO


Keen eye for the Little things

Christina has an amazing ability to build rapport with her students. She makes them feel comfortable and, in turn, she is able to teach them at an accelerated rate. She has an amazing knowledge of the technique, keen eye for the little things, and an ability to individualize her instruction to meet her pitcher's specific needs. She is simply amazing and we are lucky to have her as our coach!

Jimmy Simmons

Head Coach - Colorado Rockettes 16u

Frederick, CO


A warm and welcoming place
Christina and her awesome staff of coaches have been working with my girls for nearly 6 years. The facility is always such a warm and welcoming place to be. Her experience, expertise and amazing way of connecting with players and in turn connecting them to softball on an emotional level in addition to technical level is something incredible that could never be duplicated.

Katie Johnson


determination, love, and support
I am so lucky to have found Evolved Fastpitch and how it made me fall in love with pitching and the game. I became a pitcher as a freshman in High School, which is very late to start such an intense position on the field. But, non-the-less I was determined to learn how to pitch. I was recommended to Evolved Fastpitch to start pitching lessons. But, these were not just lessons. They were lessons filled with determination, strength building, and friendship. I distinctly remember being so excited to go to lessons every week because I was lucky enough to have a coach so caring about my drive, strength, and mental health. Over the course of 4 years, I went from never having thrown a pitch to becoming a Varsity pitcher. It was not just the lessons that helped me grow, but the determination, love, and support I got from my coach Christina. The goals I had for pitching never seemed “too far” and Christina always made me shoot for the stars. The positivity and drive within Evolved Fastpitch helped me “evolve” into a stronger teammate, powerful pitcher, and helped me grow into the woman I am today. I am forever thankful for the 4 years, once a week pitching/batting lessons, and the friendship I will have for a lifetime.

Kendall Weideman



A great coach that loves them
In the past I struggled to find a coach that builds positive relationships with their clients. I came to Evolve and watched how Christina built interpersonal relationships with her students and I immediately knew that was what I wanted for my daughters. At Evolve, my daughters have a great relationship with their coach as well as accountability, they know what the expectations are and understand how to achieve those expectations while maintaining a great relationship with a great coach that loves them.

Kenny Haines



Love everything about the facility
Christina is an amazing pitching coach who has a lot of very helpful drills and is really experienced. She also is the easiest person to talk to and will listen to you about anything. I love everything about the facility and her!!

Kenz Johnson




I knew we had found our instructor
If you’ve ever tried to find a women’s softball instructor in Colorado, you’ll know what I’m saying is absolutely true. After weeks of searching numerous internet sites, softball blogs, and asking friends and family if they knew of a good women’s fastpitch softball instructor, we were lucky enough to get referred to Christina Gardner (the owner…yes the actual owner!) with Evolved Fastpitch to discuss scheduling some hitting, pitching, and fielding lessons for my 7 & 11 year old daughters (at the time). Christina immediately scheduled both of my daughters for a free evaluation lesson with one of her instructors (Perri Earnest). Within 15 minutes of our very first free lesson (yes I said free), I knew we had found our instructor. Let me also say that both of my girls had just decided to pick up softball 2 months earlier and played on a recreational team last fall (2020) for the very first time. It wasn’t until the short fall season was over that I realized what terrible habits both girls had developed. They both really enjoyed playing and that’s what mattered the most for their first experience with Fastpitch softball. Once our lessons with Perri started, I could see both girls beginning to develop the proper hitting, fielding and throwing techniques. If you think like I did, you probably assume that baseball and softball skill techniques are identical aside from pitching. Wrong! After 3 months of lessons with Perri and a Spring 2021 recreational season under her belt, my 12 year old had transformed from a complete beginner to trying out for and making a competitive team! The parents of my 7 year old were asking where she developed such a sweet swing so quickly! We told them both girls take lessons at Evolved Fastpitch and recommended they ask for Perri Earnest. We have been going to Evolved for less than a year and I can honestly say that both girls' skill sets have caught up to and surpassed most of the players on their teams in under a year. While I understand that every kid learns and develops at different rates, I can say that Evolved Fastpitch completely blew our expectations out of the water! We would recommend (and have) Evolved Fastpitch to softball players of any skill level looking to learn the proper SOFTBALL skills and techniques. I know you’ll be as happy as we are to have found Christina, Perri and the wonderful team of instructors at Evolved!

Lane Grady



She connects with these girls
My daughter has been with Christina for about a year and a half and this is the most growth I have seen in a long time. She has been with a pitching coach since she was 9 and had growth but this last year she has improved so much. She has gotten faster, gotten more control, and more confidence. She finally got her to start slapping her glove and the importance of why. She explains the why in everything. I believe this is due to Christina giving her more than just pitching lessons. She connects with these girls and gives them what they need whether it's a listening ear or advice about coaches. Anytime anyone asks how we like Christina we say "We love her!!!"

Laura Gonzales



I love seeing her every week
I love Christina Gardner! She has been my coach as well as my friend for 3 years. She is an amazing coach. I love seeing her every week and I am so glad that we signed up for Evolved. She holds such a big part in my life and she has helped me become an amazing pitcher and I am so thankful that I have her in my life!

Lilly Jeppson



positive force in so many ways
Our daughter Aviana "Avi" has been working with Katie Gore for about 8 months or so. In just that short time Katie has helped her with every aspect of her game – hitting, fielding, throwing, and catching. Katie has been a positive force in so many ways – not just helping Avi to build her softball skills, but also to gain confidence as a player. We know that if Avi feels that her game play needs a boost, she can talk to Katie, and her positivity and ability to pinpoint issues will result in an instant up lift of Avi's thoughts and game. Katie is a fantastic coach and mentor and we are fortunate that Avi is able to work with and learn from her.

Linn and Ken Maestas


"I love her... PERIOD!"
I asked Avery what she would say about her hitting coach, Perri, and she said, "I love her... PERIOD!" I don't think it gets any better than that! We started going to Perri when we saw the improvements of some of Avery's teammates. Her teammates were consistently driving the ball on the field. We started seeing immediate results. Perri is helping correct some old habits and always does it with patience and a friendly attitude. We would definitely recommend Perri and Evolved Fastpitch to others in the softball community.

Lori Walters



Amazing coach and role model
Since joining Evolved Fastpitch it has been the highlight of my week, everyone always greeted one another with a smile and will be better. Christina has an amazing understanding of all aspects of the sport, not only that but she is an amazing coach and role model. The environment at Evolved Fastpitch is one of the best I’ve ever been in my 9 years of playing the sport, they push you to be the best person on and off the field.

Maja Legatt



She pushes me to get better
I have been going to Christina for one year. Throughout the year she has helped me to grow as a pitcher. Her knowledge of pitching has helped me to better understand my mechanics. She does a very good job of helping me to understand the changes I need to make. She is also very encouraging and patient, but at the same time she pushes me to get better.

Marae Carpenter




Instill confidence, guidance and skill
Christina is an amazing pitching coach! Christina has had a tremendous impact on my daughter Lilly's life. I cannot say enough positive things about what Christina does to instill confidence, guidance and skill that my daughter will use for the rest of her life. We feel fortunate to have Christina in our lives. Thank you Evolved Fastpitch and Christina for your dedication.

Matt Jeppson

President - Golden Youth Softball


Fantastic to work with
After our daughter’s sophomore season, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to play softball anymore. We heard about Evolved Fastpitch from an old coach and were introduced to Perri. She has been fantastic to work with and has helped our daughter become a confident catcher. She’s very personable and gives constructive criticism and pointers in a way that’s readily accepted. She teaches and encourages our daughter to be intentional in every aspect of catching and hitting. Her Varsity coach said it’s a night and day difference from last year to this year. My husband and I truly believe that a big reason our daughter is still playing softball and thriving is because of Perri’s dedication and coaching.

Nicolle Mayo



Compassionate and loving personality
Christina has coached our daughter Nina for 4 years now in pitching and hitting. She has the perfect balance of personality in a coach. She maintains a strong drive to succeed and excel in the sport, while maintaining a compassionate and loving personality. Christina possesses a strong work ethic – work hard, do your best and be accountable for yourself. Her love and respect of softball are evident in everything she does. She has enriched our daughter’s life in so many ways.

Ramon and Nguyen Vargas



the difference in her confidence
My daughter Ellie has been coming to Evolved for 2 years and I’ve seen huge growth in her mechanics, she’s picked up speed, and has learned multiple pitches to add to her arsenal. Most of all it’s been the difference in her confidence and that’s everything for a pitcher! She loves working with Coach Katie and being a part of the team of hard working young ladies at the clubhouse at evolved fastpitch. I recommend them to anyone looking to take their daughter’s game to the next level.

Red Fritchell


Great coaches and even better people
Our daughter has been taking pitching lessons at Evolved Fastpitch for almost 5 years. Christina is extremely knowledgeable, honest and straightforward, and pushes the girls to be their best. Not only does she coach them in the mechanics of pitching and hitting but she helps them mentally prepare for the challenges that they will face in softball and regular life, too. She really gets to know the girls which allows her to coach each one to their own strengths and weaknesses. My daughter looks forward to her lesson with Christina every week! The coaches at Evolved Fastpitch are great coaches and even better people. We can’t imagine not having Christina, Katie and the rest of the coaches in our family’s softball journey.

Rita and Kevin Eaton



Coach Denae cares about every girl
My 9 yr old daughter threw her first pitch this April 2021 and played in only her second softball season. Our existing coaching staff included a coach who took pitching lessons from Evolved Fastpitch Academy. When she left for college, I knew exactly who to go to. Christina connected us with Coach Denae in August of 2021. Since then, my daughter Ashlynn has improved at a rapid pace thanks to Coach Denae. Coach Denae cares about every girl and even takes time out of her personal schedule to attend some games. Her knowledge of the game and how she works with these girls is amazing. We are looking forward to working hard this off-season with her so Ashlynn is ready to play up and dominate this Spring. Thanks Evolved and Coach Denae !!!!!

Ryan G.



Solid foundation of pitching fundamentals
We love the passion and excitement Christina brings to softball. She has a great ability to create lifelong relationships and mentoring with her students, as well as a solid foundation of pitching fundamentals for young girls. She is always pushing to learn new ways to teach and evolve in her instruction. Matix loved learning with Christina in the early foundational years, and still highly values her mentorship on and off the field today.

Sara Hull

Erie, CO


More than a coach
My daughter has been with Evolve Fast pitch since the beginning. I would like to say just for pitching, because that’s we signed up for, but it has been so much more. I have a very athletically gifted child who had/has a difficult time getting out of her head. She is also not the easiest to get through to. Christina has an amazing way of creating a space where her girls feel safe, empowered and free to be them. She requires a lot of her girls but she helps them build the tools to meet her expectations. This is exactly where growth takes place. She listens to them and inspires them. Not only is my daughter a better pitcher, ball player, teammate and all around athlete, but she is a better person because of the mentorship Christina has provided.




So supportive of all the athletes
Evolved fastpitch is a great choice for young athletes. I utilized those cages for 15 years of my life, both before evolved fastpitch bought them and during! The facilities are in great shape and are better than they had ever been in the years before. Christina is amazing and is so supportive of all the athletes that are in there. Although she wasn’t my main pitching coach, I still learned so much from her and got so much praise from her. She is such a motivating coach and really does want the best for her athletes. I would 1000000% recommend Christina and her coaching services to any aspiring athlete out there! She knows what she is doing, has experience, and is going to be a great friend and supporter of your kid along the way. I love Evolved fastpitch and am so thankful for the impact Christina has had on my life and my softball career!

Shea Mauser

Student-Athlete - Colorado Mesa University

Grand Junction, CO


Average hitter to absolute slugger
We have been using the Evolved facility and their staff for personal coaching and team training for the last 3 years and will continue to do so. The facility is well organized and equipped and the staff consistently provides excellent instruction that truly helps players raise the bar on the game. Whether you are looking to improve at pitching, hitting, catching, etc. Evolved has the best coaches for all your needs. Our daughter went from an average hitter to an absolute slugger over the course of one winter. We can’t wait to see where she goes from here!

Tatum Smith



quite amazing
Where do I start. First, Evolve Fastpitch is the most amazing group my daughter has trained with. Such a variety of coaches and strategies. They find what works for your child and thrive on that for your childs success and improvement. My daughter utilized both pitching and batting lessons. Christina really takes charge in the challenge with training so many athletes and the way she changes gear for each child is quite amazing to say the least. She is there as a coach but also as a friend to the kids which just enhances their abilities to shine through and give them confidence someone besides their parents are in their corner. My daughter cried at her last session here when her softballs days came to an end, if that doesn't speak about this place I don't what will!

Tera Bloomfield



understands the interaction
Christina Gardner is not just a great coach, but a great mentor. She is able to connect and relate with her clients because she lived the life growing up. Christina understands the interaction between coaches and players and uses that knowledge to get her players to produce positive results. We highly recommend Christina if you are looking for a pitching or hitting coach.

The Rauzi's



One in a million
I just have to brag about my daughter's pitching coach! Our 9 year old daughter started playing softball when she was 6. She's not very outgoing and gets incredibly shy. She is my girl that prefers staying home at all times and loves playing video games. We realized when she started playing softball that she is going to be a great player. She's fast and she enjoys the game. She's left handed and we thought it would be a good idea to get her into pitching. My husband and I could see the incredible potential that she has. Our 16 year old has been playing softball for 10 years and so we have lots of friends and contacts in the softball community. I started asking around for ideas on pitching coaches for an 8 year old and the same name kept popping up, Christina with Evolved fastpitch. I called Christina and she said that she had a coach available. Her name is Perri and she is absolutely AMAZING!! From the beginning, Gracie has felt comfortable with Perri and she feels confident. That is huge progress on it's own because Gracie is very shy and not always confident. The way that Perri coaches Gracie is so comfortable and she's constantly complimenting her in her efforts and encourages her in a way that she always feels confident. This is heartwarming to me because I'm watching a timid little girl gain confidence in a sport that she loves and a coach that is so naturally encouraging and talented and patient. When Grace first started a year ago, she was 8 and couldn't catch the ball with her mit yet and didn't know how to pitch. She is now 9 and I'm amazed at the way she can pitch a softball and she catches the ball whenever Perri throws it back to her. We go once a week and the progress Gracie has made is incredible. Perri is so talented as a coach, mentor and player. She has helped our little girl gain so much confidence and is doing a remarkable job teaching Gracie the correct way to pitch and her way of constructive criticism just seems like encouragement to Grace. We couldn't be more happy with Perri and I tell everyone about her. Coaches like her are one in a million and we are so thankful to have found her!

Tiffany Kennedy



really connects with our daughter
Coach Katie is a great coach. She really connects with our daughter. We’ve been impressed with the drills during lessons and homework she assigns. Katie is always upbeat and positive. We’ve seen our daughter improving while having fun.

Todd and Aubrie


A clean, SAFE, affordable environment
I have been bringing my Colorado Cardinals softball team into Evolved for the past 2 years and it is a great experience. The facility is well laid out, with plenty of space and equipment to get all kinds of off-season work in. The equipment is safe and well maintained. Christina and all the other coaches that provide lessons have a great understanding of the game and the techniques (pitching and hitting) they are teaching. I have several players including my own daughter that see one of the coaches and they all have benefited from their time working individually with their coach. Not only are they taught the softball skills to improve but they are challenged to work on the mental side of the game as well. Christina and her coaches provide a clean, SAFE, affordable environment for the players to learn and grow. Whether you are looking for a place to bring your team in the offseason or find coach for private lessons for your beginning player or the most advanced, Evolved Fastpitch is the place to get it done. Todd Bender Colorado Cardinals Coach.

Todd Bender



Made the world of difference
We love Evolve FP! Not only has our daughter improved on her pitching and hitting, but the mental game due to the mentoring, is something we didn't think to look for, but has made the world of difference in her game.



the most amazing experience
For starters, Christina is amazing. The very first day I ever started with her, I was nervous, not open minded at all, and honestly very scared to start with someone new and someone I didn’t know. But, I was also very excited and was looking forward to something new. Shortly after the start of my very first lesson through Evolved Fastpitch I realized a couple things. Everyone in there is friendly and so welcoming with open arms as if they have all known me forever. Through the years, I have improved more than I ever thought I could. I have had the absolute best coaching, I have been pushed, I was taught more and more things every day, and most of all I have had nothing less than the most amazing experience. Christina never gave up on me, no matter what. She constantly pushed me to be the best I could be and when I accomplished a goal, she would push me even further to accomplish the next one. If I could walk into the environment at Evolved Fastpitch every single day, I without a doubt would. Now that I’m in college, Christina makes it a point to stay in touch, check on me and make sure I’m doing good. She has gone out of her way so many times to be there not only as a coach but as a friend. No words will ever be able to express the amount of appreciation I have for not only Christina but for all of the coaches that coach through Evolved. By far, the most knowledgeable, hard working people I have ever met. I ❤️ Evolved Fast pitch.

Tori Haug

Lakeland College


Huge help to my daughter
Working with Perri at Evolved Fastpitch has been a huge help to my daughter. We were introduced to Perri two years ago by a former coach. Kate and Perri have a great relationship that has allowed Kate to continually improve. Kate has worked on both catching and hitting with Perri over those two years. Kate has led her team in base stealers thrown out last summer and this fall. Her batting average has risen steadily over the last two years as well. Kate and I would definitely recommend Perri to anyone looking for private instruction.

Wade Church